The one room in your home that sees the most amount of activity each day is the kitchen. You eat breakfast and lunch there, help kids with their homework in the evenings, and put together family meals on the weekends. It’s important that your kitchen lighting is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, so there is enough light for every task that you need to do, and the fixtures are appropriate for the space. If your current fixtures don’t provide adequate light, or you’re simply searching for new kitchen lighting ideas, come to Hacienda in Scottsdale today.

Our lighting team has helped countless homeowners find new fixtures and bulbs that fit perfectly with their updated kitchen, as well as lights that improve functionality and productivity within the room. If the area above your sink is too dark, consider adding a directional recessed light that is focused on the sink. If you have a breakfast nook, small pendant lights can be the ideal fixtures for that space. Adding two or three hanging fixtures can improve the lighting over your kitchen island as well. We also have undercabinet lighting for your cabinets and cupboards that will enhance your countertops and food prep areas.

Whether you’re shopping for new fixtures for your renovated kitchen, or you just need help deciding which lights will be best for adding more light to the room, you can trust Hacienda Lighting to help in every way. We understand lighting layout and design, and can help you choose the kitchen lighting that will improve functionality and make the space more inviting. Visit our showroom today!