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Being able to control your home’s lighting allows you to create the perfect atmosphere in every single room. With light timers, dimmer switches, and other lighting controls from Hacienda Lighting, you’ll be able to adjust every light in your house with pinpoint accuracy. Dimmers and timers also allow you to conserve energy, as well as keep your home safe and secure.




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We carry lighting controls for both interior and exterior lights, so if you want your landscape lights to turn on at a certain time each evening, we can help you pick the perfect product. If you want to be able to dim the lights for reading or movie watching in your living room, we’ll recommend the proper dimmer switch and fixtures to achieve the right settings. We also carry ceiling fan controls and outlets, so you can cool down your home when needed, and add more power sources in rooms that may not have enough. Visit Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale today!

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