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Bathroom Lighting Design

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One room of the home that can often go overlooked is the bathroom. You may be focused on redesigning your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, then the bathroom is left feeling like it doesn’t quite match. When you do decide to upgrade your bathroom, one of the key features to consider is the lighting. Visit Hacienda Lighting for all the high-quality bathroom fixtures you need!


The first type of bathroom lighting that you will want is the vanity lighting. This should be bright and direct light that can easily illuminate you as you go about your daily routines. If your vanity is not bright enough to illuminate your area, you may miss important details. We have a great selection of vanity lights that can go with any bathroom style!

Shower Lighting

If your bathroom is a bit larger and your vanity lights don’t fully illuminate your bath and shower area, you may want to add shower lighting to the bathroom. This is usually a form of recessed lighting that is protected from any water splashes, yet offers bright light to make it easy to see as you bathe.

Bathroom Lighting Design

Don't let your bathroom fall behind - update your lighting today!

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Accent Fixtures

If there are times that you don’t want to have to use your bright vanity lights, you may consider adding an accent light or two to the room. These can be wall sconces, ceiling lights, or even a small lamp. This can add texture to the space and allow you to use just a little bit of light when you aren’t in need of all the bright lights.

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No matter what kind of bathroom lighting you want, you can count on the team at Hacienda Lighting! You can explore our collection online and create your own wish list to check out items in our showroom. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation for your bathroom lighting design.

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