Many homes have at least a few steps leading up to the front entrance, and these steps can range in style from ornate and elaborate to simple and utilitarian. If you’re replacing your old concrete or wooden steps, and updating the style and shape of your exterior stairs at the same, it can be beneficial to add outdoor light fixtures and decoration. Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale has a wide array of exterior lighting options, including step lights, pathway lights, and post lights.

Stair or step lights are mainly for safety and security, since they will light the way for you or any guests after the sun has set. However, they can also be used to accentuate the design and architecture of your new steps. If the stairs turn or curve, they will help people see where the tread begins and ends, so they will always have sure footing as they approach your front door. Post or pathway lights will help define the edge of your stairway or walkway, and keep guests from stepping off the side of the steps. They will also highlight any landscaping or ground cover next to the steps. These outdoor lights are also ideal for decks, patios, or anywhere there are multiple levels.

If you’re installing new outdoor stairs, either to your front or back entrance, consider adding step and pathway lights to the new design. Not only do they provide safe walking for everyone that uses the steps, but they create the perfect accents for the design of your new stairs. Come to Hacienda Lighting today!