Scottsdale enjoys warm and beautiful weather nearly year-round, and residents enjoy spending time outside, especially after the sun has gone down and the temperature has cooled off to the mid 60s or 70s. At Hacienda Lighting, we’ve met with many homeowners that are searching for exterior lighting for an outdoor entertainment space, and want to light up their deck, patio, or poolside area. Designing and lighting your outdoor space will make the area comfortable and inviting, no matter if you’re having people over or sitting on the deck with your family.

One area that you may want to focus on is the perimeter of your deck or patio. With post and pier head lights on the corners and angles of your deck, the structure will be outlined and accentuated with warm and attractive light, and the textured or colored glass will create unique light and shadows on any benches or chairs situated around the deck. If your outdoor area is fully or partially covered, we also have ceiling mount lights that you can use when necessary. It’s more likely than not that you won’t have the overhead fixture on while you’re entertaining guests, but it can be nice to have when you do need it.

If you’re remodeling your backyard, or you’ve noticed that there isn’t adequate exterior lighting around your deck or outdoor space, visit Hacienda today. We’re always happy to help those in the Scottsdale area find the perfect outdoor lights that serve a variety of purposes. Visit our showroom today!