Many people install exterior lighting around their home in order to improve security and make their property safer at night or while they’re away. While security is important to every homeowner, it’s also important to take aesthetics into consideration when choosing your garden or landscape lighting. Simply choosing a basic outdoor fixture might give you the light you need, but what about how it complements the color, style, and design of your home? At Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale, we can help you strike the perfect balance between security and aesthetics with your outdoor lighting.

A well-planned exterior lighting design will include fixtures that appeal to your personal preferences, as well as provide adequate light all around your house. Depending on the style and layout of your home, we can recommend the best outdoor sconces, wall lights, and pathway lights. Some homeowners will focus on the front of their home, accentuating and highlighting the landscaping near the front door or garage. This makes sense up to a certain point, since people see your home from the sidewalk or the street, but it’s important to also include the backyard in your lighting plan. If intruders see a well-lit front yard, but a backyard that’s mostly in the dark, they may decide to try the back door to gain entrance to your home.

Our lighting team will help you find that balance between security and aesthetics by suggesting exterior lighting fixtures that will match your style and provide illumination that doesn’t leave too many shadows or dark areas around your home. Form and functionality are both important, and we look forward to helping you discover the best lights for your house!