Even though it’s only the beginning of May, Scottsdale is experiencing its normal temperatures that often reach into the mid 90s and low 100s, and one of the best ways to cool off is in your in-ground pool. However, you might not have time to swim during the day, so if you take a dip in the evening, it’s important to have the proper outdoor lights around your pool area. Hacienda has a great selection of exterior lighting options that are perfect for your pool deck and seating areas.

Upgrade With Outdoor LED Lights

You most likely already have some landscape lighting and other exterior fixtures around your pool area, but it can get expensive to have those lights on every evening. With outdoor LED lights, you can upgrade your fixtures and lower your monthly energy bill. Walkway and other ground-level lights all come in LED options, and will provide adequate illumination, as well as the ability to control the brightness of each fixture. You can lower the lights to set the right mood, but still have enough illumination to light the way to and from the house. You can also install LED post or pier head lights on the corners of your deck, adding to the atmosphere of your outdoor area.

Hacienda Lighting has a fantastic collection of outdoor lights, and we’d love to help you improve your backyard pool and deck area. If you host family or neighborhood gatherings in the summer, and the kids want to get in the pool, there will be plenty of light for everyone to have fun even after the sun has set.