If you’ve always wanted an outdoor dining area complete with the perfect seating and lighting, then you’ve probably given some thought as to what kind of furniture and fixtures you’ll put in the space. There are so many options when it comes to outdoor lighting and decor that it can be difficult to decide exactly how you want to design the space. At Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale, we have an outstanding selection of exterior options, and we can help you find the perfect fixtures, including pendant lights, for your new backyard dining spot.

Choosing Your Pendant Fixtures

Unlike indoor pendants, you’ll want your outdoor fixtures to cast light in every direction. The fixtures above your kitchen island likely direct their light downward for task and ambient lighting, but your outside fixtures should illuminate a broader area. An open, lantern-style pendant can be a great choice, and you’ll want to be sure they match the other decor on your deck or patio. You can also use them as the design inspiration for the furniture and accents you use!

Hanging Your Outdoor Pendants

In order to have pendant lighting above your new outdoor dining area, you’ll need to have a porch or covering where new wiring can be placed. It can be easier if there are existing lights already in place, but if you need new wiring, it’s often best to leave that to a professional.

If the fixtures will be over the table, make sure they’re hanging high enough so they’re not in the way when people sit down or stand up. As with indoor fixtures, you’ll want the lights to be approximately 32 to 36 inches above the tabletop (if the ceiling is approximately eight feet high). For higher ceilings or overhangs, you can raise the pendant three inches per extra foot of height. You don’t need the fixtures to illuminate the entire area – they just need to provide enough light by which to see, eat, and converse.

Protecting Your New Pendants

It’s quite possible that your new pendant lighting will have glass in them, and you’ll want to be sure the fixtures are protected from wind and weather. If they swing too freely on their chains when the wind blows, you may consider finding a way to better secure them.

Your lights will also get dirt and debris on them as the year goes by, so you’ll want to be sure to properly clean them every few months. Our lighting experts can help you find the best ways to clean your fixtures without damaging them or compromising their integrity.

If you have plans to add a new backyard dining area this summer, make sure you have the perfect lighting for the space. When the sun sets and the temps finally fall out of the triple digits, you’ll love sitting outside under your new pendant lights, sipping wine and enjoying a fantastic meal.

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