The last time we wrote about outdoor lighting, we covered the front porch and provided some tips on choosing the right fixtures. This time we thought we’d review the backyard and talk about how you can set up your exterior lights to maximize the yard’s functionality and appeal. At Hacienda Lighting, we know that you love spending time outdoors, and with the Arizona temperatures now cooling down a little bit, you might be planning to use your backyard more this fall.

Pathway Lighting

Low pathway lights can be a perfect addition to any walkway you have in your backyard. It might lead to a back gate that friends and family use, or it may guide people to a fire pit or secluded seating area. This landscape lighting option can accentuate any stones or tiles that make up the pathway, and people will be able to see once the sun has set. There are plenty of solar and wired products on the market, and we’ll gladly help you choose the right options.

Shrubbery Fixtures

If your yard has dense shrubbery and multiple trees, don’t forget to incorporate them into your lighting design. While they’re nice to look at during the day, adding ground-level spotlights can enhance the ambiance after dusk. Simple uplighting will highlight your trees and bushes, while letting the calm and cool of the evening still dominate your yard.

Pool Lighting

There are plenty of homes in the Scottsdale area with backyard pools, and if you have one, you most likely use it at other times than during the day. Having the right pool lighting will help you set the mood for those evening swims, and placing your deck and step lights on dimmers allows you to set the levels where you need them. You can incorporate pathway lighting that leads to the pool area, and have perimeter fixtures that define the space.

Strand Lighting

Many people love that cafe or bistro feel in their backyard, and one of the best ways to achieve that is with string or strand lighting. By running a few lengths of these bulbs over your outdoor seating area, you can instantly improve the appeal of your backyard and make it a cozy and intimate space where you love spending time.

There are many other lighting options that can enhance and beautify your backyard, and if you have a specific idea or design in mind, we would love to help make that idea a reality. You don’t have to completely overhaul your yard to make it the way you want it, and a few fixtures here and there can do wonders for the space’s appeal. You can swap out old fixtures with new ones, or rethink the placement and positioning of your current fixtures.

When you need expert guidance, come to Hacienda Lighting. You might be planning to use your yard more this fall, or you might have plans to overhaul the space for next summer, but whatever the case may be, we’ll help you find the ideal outdoor fixtures.