Cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating are very popular in Arizona, and the weather is often cooperative enough that eateries can have their patios open all year round. There’s something very satisfactory about enjoying a fine meal outside while the sun sets, and if you own one of these establishments, you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your customers. Everything from the tables to the decor to the lighting play a part in your restaurant’s ambiance, and if you’re looking for new fixtures, Hacienda is here to help. With our selection of outdoor lighting, you can find the perfect options for your business.

Ambient Lighting

The goal of your restaurant’s exterior lighting isn’t to illuminate the entire space, but rather to highlight certain features and make the area feel inviting and comfortable. Ambient lighting is key, and if you have a large patio or deck, you’ll want to be sure you have the right number of fixtures. Wall lanterns and outdoor sconces can light the way from the inside of your restaurant to the outside, and post or pier lights can adorn the railings at regular intervals. You may want to create a charming, intimate setting where couples can enjoy a quiet dinner, and with the right lighting, you can achieve that feel.

Hanging Lights

If you’re outdoor seating area is covered, hanging lights can be a perfect option. Many cafes opt for string lights with multiple bulbs, and when the sun goes down and those lights turn on, people are often drawn to the warm glow they give off. If you have a fountain in the middle of your seating space, an outdoor chandelier can provide illumination that plays off the water and creates an elegant atmosphere.

Endless Style Options

Your restaurant or cafe may specialize in a certain type of cuisine or a certain part of the world, and you want your lighting design to reflect that culture. Hacienda has an outstanding selection of lighting styles to choose from, including Mission, European, and Rustic fixtures. If you serve traditional Southwest cuisine, we have fixtures that can fit your style and create the ideal ambiance for every day of the year. If you want that French cafe feel, we can show you numerous options that meet your preferences. We also understand that you don’t want your electric bill to be high every month, and that’s why we’ll show you energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs that provide the light you need without breaking the bank.

If your restaurant or cafe needs new outdoor lighting, or you’re hoping to open an establishment in the near future and need help with design, come to Hacienda today. We have years of experience working with commercial lighting, and would love to see your ideas for a new bar, coffee shop, or pizzeria. Your lighting options are only limited by your imagination, and we’ll do whatever we can to meet your needs and help you discover the perfect fixtures.

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