When you’re designing or decorating a room for the first time, it can take some time and thought to decide what the roomHome Decor in Scottsdale will look like and more importantly, how it will feel. Many homeowners start with a paint swatch for the walls, and then decorate the room around that color. While this can be effective, it may prove difficult to find home decor and furniture that goes with that particular paint color. At Hacienda Lighting, we believe that designing the room around a certain piece of decor, or perhaps a style of decor, can be much more effective.

This “anchor” piece can be artwork, a decorative vase, or an antique chair that you inherited from a family member. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the focal point of the room, but it is the piece that makes the room feel complete. It might have a burst of color that you can then complement with paint or other pieces of decor that tie everything together. The anchor can also be the inspiration for an accent wall that brings more color to the room. If your anchor piece has unique lines or textures, you can echo those lines and textures in your upholstery or choice of artwork.

Our staff loves helping Scottsdale homeowners discover new ways to design and decorate their home. If you’ve just built a house, or you’re rethinking your current residence, please come see us right away. You may already have your anchor piece, or you still may be searching for it, but either way, we’ll provide the best home decor and advice in the Southwest!