When you’re decorating your home, you want to fill it with things that you enjoy and items you will be able to look at and appreciate for the foreseeable future. You want your home decor to express an aspect of your personality, or perhaps you want to showcase your entire character. The impression people get when they enter your home will give them a glimpse of the type of person you are, and your decor can tell a lot about your likes, habits, and routine. At Hacienda Lighting, we love helping homeowners find decor that fits their personality! Below are some examples of decor personalities we’ve seen.


The Bohemian

“Bohemian” is a term that has changed meanings somewhat over the decades, but the one constant is the wanderlust that those who claim the title all share. This personality is fond of unconventional decor, and enjoys displaying things in unusual ways, such as a colorful sculpture on a wooden pedestal in the middle of the living room.


The Industrialist

Those with an industrial mentality enjoy bare bulbs and exposed fixtures, and prefer brick and concrete instead of the traditional paint or wallpaper. Their decor will often have a metallic quality and their homes can feel very urban, even if they don’t feel lived in. Straight, clean lines and angles are a must.


The Eclectic

The eclectic person can often be confused for the Bohemian, and while there can be those who are in both camps, the eclectic will display odd artwork and interesting decor in any place in the room. You may find a five-foot-tall ceramic elephant in the bathroom, or a metallic bird standing guard in the entryway.


The Art Deco Enthusiast

Art Deco enthusiasts are those who adore the roaring ‘20s and wish they could be invited to a party at Gatsby’s house. The glamour of the architecture and design of the post-WWI era brings about a sense of grandeur and nostalgia, and even just one Art Deco piece can create an unbelievable ambiance in a room. Scale is extremely important in this style, and those with high ceilings can find the perfect pieces with which to decorate.


Glamour Lovers

Those who love bright, clean, and solid colors (especially gold) will love anything that makes their home feel more glamorous. Echoing and complementing a piece of artwork with a gold sculpture on the coffee table will give their home allure and charisma. Other home accents such as gold candlesticks and throw pillows will make any room feel absolutely luxurious.

If you’re attempting to discover your home decor personality, or you’re confident that you already know it, come to Hacienda Lighting for the finest selection of mirrors, artwork, vases, and more. We will help you determine which pieces will look best in your home, or what pieces will help you put your personality on display for all to see. It’s also perfectly fine to have multiple decor personalities, and you can pick one room to showcase a certain facet of your complex character!