Every person has a design preference, and personal taste plays a part in home decor, lighting, and accessories. A homeowner will pick a certain color or theme for a particular room, and keep that color or theme consistent throughout the space. They may add complementary colors or accents, but other than that, the theme of the room remains constant. If you’re thinking about updating your decor and lighting, consider incorporating different textures throughout your home.

At Hacienda Lighting, our design and decor experts can help you understand which textured options will be best with which fixtures. If you enjoy the look of stone or marble, a wall piece with a spotlight on it can add a unique touch to your living or family room. A particular piece of artwork, such as a textured painting or an abstract sculpture, will add new life to a room that may be looking outdated or too locked into a certain motif. These pieces can be conversation starters, or they may just be the perfect accents that exist in the background. By picking new decor and matching it with the proper lighting, any room can find new life.

If you’re looking for new home decor, or you’re trying to light pieces that you’ve recently acquired, visit our Scottsdale showroom today. We’ll go over every detail with you and discuss every option that you have. It might not take much to make a room that hasn’t been redecorated in a few years come alive again with new colors and textures. Contact us today!