Every light fixture has a different form and function, and when you’re building a new home, you want to choose fixtures that complement the architecture and design of the house. For architectural lighting design, it’s important to work with a lighting store and showroom that understands both shape and function, and can recommend the best fixtures for your particular needs. At Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale, we’ve worked with many contractors and homeowners during the construction process, helping them select lights that will not only adequate illuminate the home once it’s finished, but also put those perfect decorative touches on the property.

For your interior lighting design, we’ll focus on each space individually, choosing the ideal fixtures for each room, but we’ll also develop a cohesive approach for the entire house. Just as with your decor, the lighting defines a space and gives it a unique character. We’ll take the size of each room into account, and recommend fixtures that will properly fit in the space while also sufficiently lighting it. For example, if your foyer will be two stories tall, we’ll look at chandeliers that fit your design scheme and hang low enough so as to properly light your home’s entryway. If the foyer is going to be a single story, we’ll explore sconces and other wall-mounted lights that provide inviting light as people enter, while still adhering to your design preferences. Moving from the foyer to the living room, we can stay within a certain fixture style, such as Contemporary or Rustic, and stay with that style throughout the house.

If you’re building a new home in Scottsdale and are ready to investigate different styles of architectural lighting design, please contact or visit us right away. We love helping people uncover new ideas for their home, and will craft the best plan for your project!