Building a new house is an adventure all its own, but furnishing and decorating that home can be an even bigger one. You may enjoy interior design or you may absolutely loathe it, but regardless of your feelings towards it, properly designing and decorating your home is what makes it inviting and complete. At Hacienda Lighting, we’ve met new homeowners of all kinds, ranging from those who had a firm idea of the lights and decor they wanted, to those who had no ideas and were open to suggestion. If you’re shopping for a certain style of light, or you want to learn more about creating a cohesive design plan, we’re ready to help.

Restoration or Rustic?

It can make sense to move through your new home one room at a time, thinking about how you want the room to function and what you want the aesthetic to be. When doing this, it’s important to think about the transition between rooms, and if the change is too drastic, it can affect the look and feel of your home, which could create a negative or overwhelming feeling when guests visit. We can help you choose between Restoration, Rustic, and every other lighting style, and explain how it can complement or detract from your interior design.

If your new house is nearing completion, or you’re remodeling an existing home you’ve recently purchased, bring your interior design needs to Hacienda. We’ll help you pick out fixtures, decor, and other items to fill your house with light, color, and comfort.