At Hacienda Lighting, we love watching as trends come and go, and always do our best to keep up with changes in lighting and interior design. We know that everyone’s tastes and preferences are different, but there are certain trends or motifs that appeal to a majority of the population, and we love seeing as people discover a new theme that works perfectly in their home. With 2017 now only a few weeks away, we’re looking forward to the design and lighting styles that will arrive in the new year. If you live in Scottsdale, you can visit our showroom to see all the new arrivals!

Lighting Trends


There are some lighting trends that last for decades, while others arrive suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Others stick around for a few years, then make a reappearance 20 or 30 years later. It can be difficult to predict what’s going to be popular at any given time, and even our experts are surprised at what people come in to find. In 2017, experts are predicting a few lighting trends that will gain more popularity.

Industrial Fixtures

Industrial lighting will continue to be a strong choice for many homeowners. If you have a neo-industrial or Art Deco-inspired home, these fixtures will look great in any room. We can help you look through a variety of options in our inventory.

Nature-Inspired Choices

Another lighting trend that has been growing in popularity are nature-inspired fixtures. Glass shades that resemble leaves and designs that bring the outdoors inside can make a space feel more relaxed while also being refined. If you’re someone who enjoys natural lines and shapes, these fixtures could be a perfect choice for your home.


Home Decor Trends

As with lighting, every homeowner has their preference when it comes to decor. Whether you’re looking to add a focal piece to your living room, or you want small trinkets for your bookshelves, these are the trends to look for in 2017.

Geometric Designs

Throw pillows, curtains, and bedding with modern geometric designs are going to be more popular in the new year (also be on the lookout for geometric-inspired light fixtures). The styles and textures of these shapes will add appeal to any room.

Gold and Brass

Now we’re not talking about flashy, perhaps even gaudy decor and fixtures, but instead, warm, inviting hues that add class to any room. Lamps, statues, and picture frames with deep brass tones or gold leafing will look fantastic wherever you put them.


If you’re excited for new lighting and decor trends in the coming months, you’re not alone. Our interior design staff is thrilled to see what the manufacturers will come up with over the next 12 months, and we’re always ready to help you find the fixtures, artwork, and other pieces that will make your home feel complete. We’re always adding new items to our online catalog, and you can stop by our showroom Monday through Saturday to see every option for yourself. We look forward to seeing you in 2017!