The master bedroom is often the main selling point of a home, and the size and layout of the space can beĀ the difference between a buyer making an offer or moving on to the next house. You might not be getting ready to put your home on the market, but simply want to update the look and feel of your master bedroom. The extent to which you update can vary, but there are some key points to focus on when doing any renovations or rearranging.


If the room feels too dark, or the overhead fixture and lamps seem outdated, bringing in new light fixtures can give the room new life. Not only will it be brighter, but with the right layering, you can add more dramatic touches to the room’s aesthetic. Dimmer switches also give you greater control over the lighting, letting you set it for the appropriate mood.


You may have family photos lining the walls, and while that’s perfectly fine, having one or two prints, paintings, or artistic photographs for focal points can greatly improve the appeal of the room. Be sure to choose something you like, since you’ll be seeing it more than anyone else. You may pick a landscape painting that soothes you, or pick out a piece from a local artist that inspires you every time you get up in the morning.

Furniture and Decor

The main piece of any bedroom is obviously the bed, and if the headboard is looking worn, or the dresser doesn’t match the color and style of the bed, updating and matching the furniture can greatly improve the space. You may have had your eye on a new bedroom set, and once you’ve chosen one, it’s important to find decor that complements it and creates unity throughout the room.

If you want to update your master bedroom’s lighting, artwork, or decor, come to Hacienda in Scottsdale for the perfect options!