Tiffany Table LampsWhen you were a child, your father or grandfather may have had a den or library where he would read his newspaper or books with intricate writing on their covers. This room was very special, and your father or grandfather made sure it was kept in meticulous order. There may have been a large bookcase made of dark oak, and several desk and table lamps that provided light around the room. With Tiffany table lamps from Hacienda Lighting, you can achieve that classic library look and recreate the ambiance of a cherished memory.

The Unique Tiffany Style

Tiffany is a well-known name in lighting and decor, and the unique appearance of Tiffany glass is known the world over. The precise lines and familiar color of the glass provide a touch of sophistication in any room, and our lighting experts will gladly show you every option that catches your eye. We have an extensive collection of Tiffany lamps, and know you’ll find a style and design that meets your needs. These table lamps can be used in your bedroom, living room, or in your office/library, creating the atmosphere that you remember as a child.

When you’re searching for new lamps for your home, and your personal tastes lean toward that classic look only a Tiffany lamp can provide, come to our lighting showroom or browse our online catalog. Your new table and floor lamps will provide light for reading and entertaining, and eliminate any shadows where the ceiling fixture’s light doesn’t reach.