If you have little ones, or you run a daycare out of your home, chances are you have a playroom that’s dedicated to fun activities where children can learn and explore. It’s important for the playroom to be a bright, safe space where children of all ages can play games together, work on an activity on their own, and most importantly of all, feel comfortable. Deciding on the lighting for your child’s playroom can seem like a challenge, but the experts at Hacienda Lighting can help you find the best fixture and bulbs for your home. If you’re renovating a spare room into a playroom, or updating a current play space, come to our showroom today!

haciendalighting_lightingplayroom_blog_innerimageFunctional Lighting Makes for Better Play

Children use the playroom as a space to do puzzles, color pictures, and play with their favorite toys. If the space is too dark or there aren’t enough lights in each area of the room, your child could grow tired of working on a puzzle or identifying their colors and numbers, or experience eye strain that leads to frustration and perhaps even a tantrum. If they love to read, consider adding a wall lamp in their favorite corner where they snuggle up with their favorite books. It’s important for the lights to be functional while also providing a decorative element that enhances the space’s appeal.

Decorative and Unique Fixtures

Speaking of decorative lighting, it can be beneficial for the lighting in your playroom to be fun and unique. You don’t necessarily want the same lights in your playroom that you have in your master bedroom, and fun fixtures with colorful shades and cords can make the room more vibrant. If you have a certain theme for your playroom, such as a storybook or your child’s favorite sport, consider adding decorative fixtures that reflect that motif.

haciendalighting_lightingplayroom_blog_innerimage2Always Keep Safety in Mind

When planning your playroom lighting, it’s always important to keep safety in mind. You most likely baby-proofed your house when your child was born, and keeping outlet covers in place and cords where your little can’t reach them are still good ideas as your son or daughter grows. Table lamps may not be the best idea for a playroom, and choosing hanging pendants and wall sconces can be better options. You or your spouse may be in the playroom with your little one most of the time, but all it takes is for you to turn your back for one second and your child is knocking over the lamp or pulling on a cord. Our lighting experts can help you choose fixtures that are safe and practical for your playroom.

When you’re looking at new lighting ideas for your playroom or child activity area in your home, make Hacienda your first choice. We have fixture and decor options for your entire home, and can walk through each space to find the best products. If you have ideas for a mural for your playroom that will serve as the inspiration for your lighting and decor, we would love to hear about it and help you plan the room around it.

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