Each room in your house is unique and each one serves its own purpose. The larger rooms such as the living room or kitchen are easy to move around in, while the smaller rooms such as the office or den are more suited for one to two people. If you have a small room in your home that feels cramped or underused, it is possible to transform it and make it feel bigger. At Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale, we can help you find the proper lighting for even the smallest spaces in your home.

Light All of the Space

You don’t want to have too much light in one room, as that can become too much illumination for a small area. You do, however, want to make sure that each surface in the room is lit, and it’s important not to forget about the ceiling and the floor. The four walls often receive the majority of the lighting, but pointing some lights upwards and downwards can create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. The paint colors in the room also play an important part, and you may need to update or change them in order to get the most of your new lighting.

Find Lights That Take Up Less Space

A small room with a large ceiling fan or central light fixture is going to automatically feel more cramped, especially if the ceilings are eight feet or lower. Think about updating your fan to a smaller model, or swapping out the central light for a sleeker fixture. You can always improve the ambient lighting with recessed fixtures; these will take up little to no space in the room. We can help you choose bulbs for your new fixtures that provide a wide “wash” of light, instead of being focused on one area like a spotlight.

Think About Furnishings

When you furnished your home, you most likely thought about the functionality of each piece and how it would work in a certain room. If your den or office is small, but you have a large, overstuffed couch, consider swapping it out for a smaller, but just as comfortable, option. You’ll also want to think about the colors and fabrics of your furnishings and how they reflect or absorb the light in the room. Our design experts can discuss your furniture options and what will function the best in a particular room.

There can a be a lot that goes into making the most of each room in your house, and for those smaller spaces, proper lighting and furnishings go a long way in determining how comfortable and functional they can be. If you’re looking for new fixtures or need design ideas for your house, come to Hacienda today. We have a fantastic selection of lights, fans, and other options that can transform even the tiniest rooms!

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