Hallways can often become the “forgotten” spaces in a home, since no one really spends time in them and their purpose is to provide a path to other rooms or parts of the house. Whether you have a wide or narrow hallway, you most likely decorate it family photos and artwork, and only when guests are over does anyone look at what’s on the wall. However, if the lighting in your hallway is inadequate, or the fixtures cast light that is too yellow and creates too many shadows, it may be time to update with modern light fixtures from Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale.

Depending on the length of the hallway, flush mount or recessed fixtures should be placed every 10 to 12 feet to provide adequate light throughout the space. For particularly long hallways, wall sconces can add more light, especially near doorways. Artwork and photographs should be accentuated with track lighting, and those fixtures can also provide general lighting to help people safely walk through the space. If the hallway leads to a staircase, it’s best to place switches at both ends of the hall and at the bottom of the stairs, so you can turn the hallway lights off once you’re at the first step, and turn on the stairway lights.

If you’re looking for modern light fixtures so that you can update your hallway lighting, visit Hacienda today. Our lighting experts can help you find the ideal solutions for every hallway in your home, and optimize the safety and efficiency of each space.