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Hacienda Lighting is a family-owned lighting store located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We've been an integral part of this community for more than 40 years, having grown right alongside the town. We offer innovative decorative lighting, ceiling fans, home control systems, LED lighting, landscape lighting, and so much more for your home or office. We strive to keep our lighting diverse and customized to your needs, and our customers always come first. Below, we'll discuss why you should shop at our local lighting showroom. Stop by today!

Investing in Your Community

By shopping at our local lighting showroom, you'll be keeping your money invested right here in Scottsdale. The tax dollars that you spend will go directly to the community via sales tax for the city and state. Our lighting store receives the proceeds from that sale, which then allows us to continue operating and offering the best indoor and outdoor lighting products to the community. Many of our supply needs are met by other local businesses, so your support helps others in the community, too. This is a cycle that can keep on going every time you decide to shop at a local business in Scottsdale. Shop today.

Will Receive Better Customer Service

There's do doubt you will receive better customer service at our Scottsdale lighting showroom than you would elsewhere. If you are accustomed to shopping online, you will be making judgements off photos with white backgrounds, making it hard to see how that particular lighting fixture would look in your home or office space. Plus, if you have a question, you will probably have to email and then wait for a response, or call and wait on hold for a bit. And, the person who answers the phone may not even work at the company you are shopping from. Hacienda Lighting offers the best customer service, attending to your every need. Stop by our lighting showroom today!

Better Selection

When you shop at our local lighting store in Scottsdale, you'll have a larger lighting selection that is tailored to the likes and dislikes of our customers. For example, Scottsdale loves the adobe style homes, which means people love color and style. We cater our lighting selection that will complement your home perfectly. And, when you visit our local lighting store, you'll be greeted by an experienced lighting designer who can help you find the perfect lighting selection for your need. We can advise and educate you on the different types of lighting that you should consider for your particular space and inform you of the latest trends. In addition, there won't be a large line at checkout. Stop by to see for yourself what a difference shopping at our local lighting store can make in your experience.

Keeps Jobs at Home

By shopping at your local lighting store here in Scottsdale, you'll be keeping jobs in our community. If there are no jobs, people will either have to commute or move. Since small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, your support can mean the world of difference in the lives of their employees. With more local people earning money, they are more likely to spend their money locally, too. This creates a continual positive reinvestment cycle that helps to keep local economies strong and growing.

Helps the Environment

With everyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, many people mainly look at ways they can save on fossil fuel use. However, an area that many people overlook that can make a huge impact on the environment is shopping locally. Shopping locally reduces many people's fossil fuel use. They don't have to travel as far to get the goods and/or services they need, nor do delivery drivers have to drive to the community to deliver goods that aren't readily available here at home. Plus, you'll reduce the amount of cardboard boxes used by shippers, which saves trees and habitats.

Helps Non-Profits

There are many worthy causes that are very localized, from alcoholic rehabilitation centers to animal rescue and help for homeless groups. These non-profit businesses depend upon local support, and mainly help from local businesses, in order to keep their doors open and their operations running. When you shop locally, you'll be putting more money into the pockets of these local businesses that help non-profits through fundraisers or by sponsoring events. In addition, many local businesses advertise which organizations they support, so you can look for and shop at local businesses that support your favorite charities, which is another great way to help.


Hacienda Lighting is proud to be your go-to local lighting store of choice in Scottsdale. At our lighting showroom, you'll discover a plethora of options for both indoor and outdoor lighting that will suit your home and office decor needs perfectly. From exterior lighting, such as sconces and gas lanterns, to landscape lighting that includes deck and patio lights, we've got your needs covered. Our expert lighting specialists are here to lend a helping hand when needed. We can show you designs and styles that will meet your needs and offer advice if you are undecided. Let our experts help with lighting, ceiling fans, furniture, home accents, and so much more. Stop by Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale today!

The exterior of your home is the first impression that reveals your design style. Safely light it up, and give it some flair.

With a combination of form, function and design, our collection of ceiling fans fit any decor and budget.

Create a home that reflects who you are by choosing home accessories that represent your style and interests.

LED lighting is the future. Find a growing number of decorative pieces and specialty items that offer cost savings, longer life and lower heat generation.

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