When you walk into the bathrooms of many modern homes, you’ll often find a large mirror over the sinks and vanity, and a central light fixture mounted above the mirror. While this can work for general lighting purposes, it may not be the best task lighting for shaving, putting on makeup, and getting ready in the morning. Other bathrooms have one ceiling fixture in the middle of the space, and this can create the same issues that a fixture above the mirror can. Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale has countless lighting options to help improve your bathroom.

Eliminating Unwanted Shadows

Overhead and above-mirror fixtures can both create unwanted shadows and produce an unflattering reflection when you look in the mirror. Light that comes from above or behind your head is often inadequate for personal tasks like shaving or brushing your teeth, and lights above the mirror can make lines under and around your eyes and nose appear more prominent. Placing sconces or other wall fixtures on either side of the mirror can create better light for getting ready. We know that some homeowners will prefer the look and feel of an above-mirror fixture, and if that’s your preference, we’ll show you options that create optimal light without too many unwanted shadows.

If you’re looking to update or improve your bathroom lighting, stop by our showroom, or look through our catalog of bathroom lights today. We have options for every style of architecture and design, and will show you fixtures you perhaps have never seen!