The dining room can often be a forgotten part of the house, only used on special occasions and for family gatherings. Most of your meals are most likely eaten at the kitchen island or in your breakfast nook, simply because your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to plan or prepare a formal meal. If you’d like to update your dining room lighting to make the space more functional and more inviting, Hacienda in Scottsdale can help. With ceiling lights, chandeliers, and more, you can update your fixtures and create the ideal ambiance that will entice you to use your dining room more often.

Consider Each Lighting Element

dreamstime_xxl_13705145Combining ambient, accent, and task lighting can make your dining room more functional, and adding lighting controls will allow you to set the mood for each meal. The central fixture can be a small chandelier or group of pendant lights, and this fixture will create the focal point of the entire room. If there is space around the perimeter of the room, consider adding recessed lights for dramatic effect, as well as additional illumination for the edges of the room. A large photograph or painting lit by track lighting will create a strong impression on the dining room’s main wall. You can balance the room with a china cabinet or hutch on the other wall, illuminated by small LED lights under the shelves.

If you’re hoping to use your dining room more in the future, updating the lighting is a great way to restore your interest in the space. New fixtures can give new life to a room that has perhaps sat dark and unused for too long.

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