Many people, once they’ve arranged their furniture, leave it the way it is for years. They’ve come up with the optimal setup, and their lighting is designed around the layout of the room. Each floor and table lamp is placed appropriately, and the adjustable track lights are focused where they need to be. However, it can be beneficial to rearrange your home for the summer, especially as the natural light begins to change and the sun hits each room at a different angle. At Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale, we can help you find new lighting options for each new room layout!

The Living Room

The living room is perhaps the one room that gets rearranged the most. If you have the TV mounted on the wall, you may not move the chairs and couches too much, but you may decide on a different furniture configuration. If the television isn’t the focal point of the room, you can have more freedom to rearrange as you see fit. This of course will mean that lamps will have to move, and overhead lights may need to be adjusted. If the sun comes in at a more direct angle during the summer, you may not need to use your light fixtures as much, and this can help you save on electricity. If your favorite reading spot is by the big picture window, you can rely on the sun during the day and a standing floor lamp in the evening.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the temperature of your living room during the summer. Everyone knows that Arizona summers can be sweltering, and you’ll most likely have your air conditioner running all the time. A chair or sofa near the window in direct sunlight will get warmer faster, and moving the seating away from the sun can help you stay cool when you’re inside. You may have curtains or drapes that you draw in the afternoon, and that means that when you’re in the living room, you’ll need to turn on the lights. If your new layout requires more lighting, we can help you find the best fixtures for your budget.

Change is Good

Changing the arrangement and layout of your living room, or any other room in your house, can help the space feel revived and renewed. You most likely won’t be moving the TV or the art on the walls, but moving a chair and a lamp to a new spot can help you use the room in a different way. (It also gives you the chance to clean the carpet or floor where the furniture was sitting). It can also give you ideas on how to update or upgrade your lighting, and when you’re ready to look at fixtures, our showroom experts will be ready as well.

If you’re thinking about rearranging your home this summer, let Hacienda show you our new lighting and decor options. The change doesn’t have to be drastic, but even small adjustments can make a room look and feel brand new.

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