Setting up an art gallery takes a lot of time and energy, and one of the most important aspects of any gallery is the lighting. At Hacienda in Scottsdale, we’ve worked with a number of gallery owners and curators, and have been able to recommend the best track lighting options for each one. With the considerable number of galleries in the American Southwest, the lighting needs are extensive and diverse, and we love helping every gallery find their new fixtures.

Focused on the Artwork

Most galleries will usually display both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, and lighting these pieces requires precision. A statue of a cowboy that’s set on a pedestal in the middle of the gallery needs lighting from at least three angles, and that means your track lighting needs to be easy to adjust. With the right rail design and track fixtures that can swivel and move, you can focus the light where it needs to be. For two-dimensional work, such as paintings or prints, there should be at least two lights focused on each piece, so there are no shadows created by the frame or any nearby artwork. It’s also important to make sure the track lights are high enough to cast light from above, so gallery viewers don’t block the light when they stand in front of the piece.

New track lighting can transform your existing gallery, or help you set up a new exhibit space. We have track and rail systems that are ideal for small galleries, personal collections, and large museums, and can explain the benefits and differences of each one.