1. Lighting and Decor Trends for 2017

    At Hacienda Lighting, we love watching as trends come and go, and always do our best to keep up with changes in lighting and interior design. We know that everyone’s tastes and preferences are different, but there are certain trends or motifs that appeal to a majority of the population, and we lov…Read More

  2. Improve Your Outdoor Lighting Efficiency

    Outdoor lighting around your home is important for security and aesthetic reasons, but it can also end up costing you quite a bit each month. If you have multiple fixtures that are connected to your home grid, it can be expensive to leave them on all night long. If you’re concerned about how much …Read More

  3. What Lighting Updates Do You Want to Make in 2017?

    As a homeowner, there are parts of your home that you absolutely love, and others that you can’t wait to change. With the New Year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to think about updating your lighting. You may have plans to redo a bathroom or spare bedroom, and adding a new light fixt…Read More

  4. Find Your Home Decor Personality

    When you’re decorating your home, you want to fill it with things that you enjoy and items you will be able to look at and appreciate for the foreseeable future. You want your home decor to express an aspect of your personality, or perhaps you want to showcase your entire character. The impression…Read More

  5. Save During Our Shop Style Sale Event!

    It’s always exciting to find great deals on new light fixtures, and right now at Hacienda Lighting in Scottsdale, you can find all sorts of savings during our Shop. Style. Sale. Event. This event runs until November 19th, and while you might not be thinking about improving your home lighting durin…Read More

  6. `Tis the Season for New Lighting and Accessories

    Just in time for the fall holiday season when you welcome friends and family into your homes, our lighting selection is expanding by leaps and bounds. From cutting-edge contemporary and industrial chic to traditional luxury and rustic glamour, we have new products that you don`t want to miss. See wh…Read More

  7. Finding the Appropriate Interior Design Choices

    Building a new house is an adventure all its own, but furnishing and decorating that home can be an even bigger one. You may enjoy interior design or you may absolutely loathe it, but regardless of your feelings towards it, properly designing and decorating your home is what makes it inviting and co…Read More

  8. Motion Sensor Lights Can Protect Your Property

    If you're concerned about the security and safety of your home and yard, one of the best things you can do is update your exterior lighting. With the proper outdoor lighting, you can see if someone is approaching at night, and trespassers will be less likely to walk across your property or up to you…Read More

  9. Finding The Perfect Housewarming Gift

    When a friend or family member moves into a new house, you want to get them something to commemorate the occasion, but you also want to choose a gift that is appropriate for their home. If you're close to them, you will hopefully know what kind of design taste and aesthetic they prefer. If not, you …Read More

  10. New Bedroom Set? Find New Bedroom Lamps!

    If you've recently purchased a new bedroom set, you probably can't wait for it to arrive, but in the meantime, there are some things you can do. One very important thing to do is find new lighting that matches the new set, so your bedroom can feel both updated and complete. At Hacienda in Scottsdale…Read More