dreamstime_xxl_12656708Your kitchen is where you cook, eat, clean, and enjoy quality time with your family. The room often functions as a multi-purpose space, where you not only enjoy the delicious meals you’ve prepared, but where you help the kids with their homework or catch up with an old friend. It’s important for your kitchen lighting to be versatile and functional, creating the best atmosphere for whatever you happen to be doing at the moment.

Lighting for Each Area

Each area of your kitchen requires different lighting, and finding the right fixtures for each space can make all the difference. A single recessed light can suffice for the area above the kitchen sink, and will make it easier while washing or rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Under cabinet lights will help while prepping and cooking a meal, and lights on top of the cabinets can accent any decor or architectural features. These above-cabinet lights are especially beneficial if you have high ceilings.

For the breakfast nook or kitchen island, pendant and other hanging lights can help define the space, while providing enough illumination for tasks such as homework or paying bills. Finally, the general light fixture can be anything from a ceiling fan with a light to a semi-flush fixture. The best choice will depend on the height of your kitchen ceiling and how much area the fixture needs to illuminate.

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