Lamps are an integral part of every home, and if you’re shopping for new lamp options, let Hacienda in Scottsdale help you find the perfect options. Floor and table lamps can be used for both task and accent lighting, and we carry a wonderful selection of many different lamp sizes and styles. Perhaps you’re looking for a new desk lamp for your home office, or you want to install some wall lamps above your bed — whatever the case may be, our online catalog and showroom are the best places to shop!


Accent Lighting

Lamps can be used for accent lighting around your home, including the living room, bedroom, and family room. When placed in the right spots, floor and table lamps can make a space more inviting, as well as accentuate your paint colors, furniture, and decor. If there’s a part of the room that feels a bit too dark, such as a corner or an alcove, you can brighten it with the perfect lamp!

Accent lighting should help illuminate the middle layer of a room. The ambient lighting comes from the ceiling fixtures, but it only reaches so far, which is why accent lights such as lamps are so important. Each room, whether it’s your bedroom or living room, can benefit from lamps next to a bed, couch, or chair, giving you the ideal accent lighting for any space.

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Task Lighting

Task lighting is needed for any space where you like to read, work on hobbies, or complete important paperwork. Lamps are a popular choice for task light, since you can place them virtually anywhere in your home. Your bedside lamps provide accent lighting, but they’re also great task fixtures for reading, using your phone, and more. In your home office, you’ll need the right desk lamp for paperwork, computer work, and other up-close tasks.

When thinking about adding new lamps for task lighting, consider where you spend the most time reading or working on things. If you have a favorite chair in the living room where you like to sit and enjoy a good book, place a floor or table lamp next to the chair for ample task light. Along with helping you see, these lamps will provide better lighting for the entire room as well!

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Floor Lamps

As you’re shopping for floor lamps, it’s important to keep in mind how much space you have for any given fixture. You don’t want the lamp to be too tall or too short, or to have an arcing design when you need an upright fixture. At Hacienda, we can show you a number of different sizes and styles of floor lamps, helping you narrow down your best choices.

Think about where you’ll be placing the lamp — is it going in the living room to function as an accent light next to the main seating area? Is it going in a corner of the family room to provide accent and task lighting for game nights? The space will inform what type of floor lamp you need, and we can offer several options that fit your budget.

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Table Lamps

Table lamps are extremely versatile fixtures, as you can put them almost anywhere in the house. Bedside lamps are the most popular and most common type of table lamps, but you can also find fixtures for your living room and home office. As long as there’s an outlet nearby and surface on which to set the light, you can add a table lamp to any room.

With most table lamps, they will be placed near or next to where people sit, such as the living room couch, or lie down, such as their bed. When looking at lamp styles and sizes, keep in mind how tall you want the lamp to be so that it can provide ample task and accent lighting. The shade you choose will also play a role in how much light is created and how direct or diffused that light will be. Table lamps as task lights should have brighter, more direct light, while lamps for accent lighting can provide more diffused illumination.

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Wall Lamps

When you think of wall lamps, you may immediately think of sconces, but there are other lamp options from which to choose. Swing-arm lamps can be mounted on the wall above your headboard or in the living room next to a chair or couch. You can also add picture lamps above paintings or photographs, providing adequate accent lighting for your decor.

Wall lamps can either be dedicated fixtures or plugged into an outlet, and our staff can help you decide which option is best. Either type will be mounted to the wall, and you’ll want to be sure you install the fixture at the proper height. Wall fixtures should be mounted at about eye level, or approximately 6 feet from the floor.

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Desk Lamps

For those who work from home on a regular basis, a desk lamp is a must-have fixture. It’s important to avoid eye strain while looking at paperwork or a computer screen for hours on end, and the right desk fixture can provide ample task lighting.

When looking at desk lamps, be sure to choose a light that fits appropriately on your work area. You don’t want a large lamp taking up too much space, but a lamp that’s too small might not provide the lighting you need. In terms of style, you’ll want a fixture that matches the overall aesthetic of your home office.

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Accent Lamps

There are many other types of lamps besides floor, table, wall, and desk lamps. At Hacienda, we offer a wide variety of accent lamps that can be added to your dining room, hallways, and more. These lamps are meant to accentuate a space, such as the sideboard next to your dining table. Buffet lamps and piano lamps can be used in various spaces throughout your home, so if you have a game room or bar area, be sure to add the right lamps to each area!

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Lamp Bulbs

Once you’ve selected all of your new lamps, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper bulbs. Bulb size, base, and color temperature all play a role depending on what type of lamp you have, and we can help you pick the right bulb for each fixture. Your bedside lamps will need different bulbs than your home office desk lamp, and your living room table lamps will need to be brighter than your dining room lamps.

You can also look at different bulb types, including LED and CFL bulbs. Each one offers different features and benefits, but what’s most important is that the bulb is compatible with the lamp. For example, if you have a lamp with a three-way switch, you’ll need a three-way bulb. We can help you choose the right bulbs every time.

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If you’re looking for new lamps, visit our showroom or browse our online catalog today. At Hacienda, there’s nothing we love more than helping a customer discover new lighting that they can enjoy for years to come.

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