Bathroom Lighting

For many years, bathrooms were thought of as simple, utilitarian spaces where you could shower, brush your teeth, and get ready for work or for bed. Over time, bathrooms have transformed into luxury, spa-like areas where you can pamper yourself with a hot bath or spend more time in front of the mirror.

Lighting plays an integral role in creating that spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom, and by mixing ambient, accent, and task lights, you can design the perfect master bath or guest bath. Vanity fixtures are a must, and you can go with wall sconces on either side of the mirror, instead of the traditional light above the mirror. For the overhead light, think about installing a small chandelier or pendant, instead of the standard flush or semi-flush mount light.

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Bedroom Lighting

Your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, where you go to escape from the stresses of daily life. It’s important for the lighting to add to the comfort of the space, which means everything from the ceiling light to the bedside lamps needs to feel at home within the room.

Layering your bedroom lighting, with a ceiling fan or chandelier on the ceiling, along with wall sconces and lamps for the middle of the room, can make the space much more comfortable. You can add lighting controls for each fixture or set of fixtures, which gives you more versatility when it comes to setting the appropriate mood. Lighting style will also play an important part, since you’ll want fixtures that you enjoy looking at and using every single day.

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Dining Room Lighting

The dining room may only be used for dining on formal occasions such as birthdays and holidays, but you still use the space for other purposes. It may be where you do your family bookkeeping or help the kids with their homework, and the right lighting will go a long way in how useful the space is.

Starting with the dining room chandelier, you can create a focal point for the entire space. The chandelier can be any style or size, provided that it fits within the room and doesn’t feel too big or too small. Recessed lights can also be used for ambient lighting, and sconces will bring accent lighting to the middle of the room. You can incorporate lamps, if you have the space, and track lighting can be included for any artwork you want to highlight.

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Entryway and Foyer Lighting

People tend to form their first impression of a home as soon as they step through the front door, which is why it’s imperative to have the proper entryway lighting. A well-lit entry or foyer can make someone feel welcome when they enter your house, and the light fixtures can show off your design preferences and attention to detail.

The size and shape of your entry will determine what lighting you can use. For entryways with high ceilings, a large chandelier can be the perfect choice. With standard-height ceilings, it’s often better to go with a flush or semi-flush fixture. If the foyer is narrow and leads to a hallway, you can add mirrors and lamps to make the space appear bigger than it actually is.

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Game Room Lighting

If your home has a dedicated game room or home theater area, then lighting should be one of the first things on the list. With new pendant lights for the bar area, recessed lights for the viewing area, and table and floor lamps for the gaming area, you can have the perfect blend of lighting for any purpose. If there’s a pool table in the room, we can help you find the right island or billiards light!

As for lighting controls in the game room, dimmers are a must. You’ll need to be able to lower the lights when watching a movie, and dimming the lights above the bar can make the space feel more inviting when you have friends over for the night. If you have a dedicated seating area for playing games or simply conversing with each other, put lamps near the chairs for ample accent and task lighting.

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Hallway Lighting

Hallway lighting can pose challenges due to the dimensions of the space. Hallways are often long and narrow, meaning most of the light has to come from the ceiling. Depending on the length of the hall, you can place pendants, flush mount, or semi-flush mount fixtures on the ceiling, every 8 to 10 feet.

If the hallway is wide enough to allow for wall lights, consider installing small sconces in the spaces between the overhead lights. If the hall leads to a set of stairs, you can add the same sconces going up the staircase, continuing the design motif. As for lighting controls, it’s always best to install switches at both ends of the hallway for safety and ease of access.

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Kitchen Lighting

For those who love to cook and entertain, the kitchen is their favorite room in the house. It’s also where friends and family tend to gather when they’re visiting for the holidays or a special occasion. When it comes to kitchen lighting, functionality is a key component, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design.

For the ambient lighting, you can choose the perfect island fixture, as well as recessed lights for the ceiling. The island lighting can be one fixture with multiple bulbs or individual pendants that illuminate the entire island. You’ll also want lighting above the sink and the stove, as well as under cabinet lights for your countertops. A bright, well-lit kitchen can make life much easier, and we know you’ll love how great your new space looks.

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Living Room Lighting

The living room, family room, great room, or whatever you refer to it as, offers several possibilities when it comes to lighting. For living rooms with tall or vaulted ceilings, you can create a statement with a large chandelier. If the room is long enough, you can install the chandelier, as well as ceiling fans to help keep the space cool and comfortable.

You’ll also want lighting for the middle and lower layers of the room, and this can be accomplished with wall lights and lamps. Sconces that shine both upwards and downwards can create the perfect accent lighting, while table and floor lamps can be positioned for reading or for creating a cozy conversation spot to share as a family. You’ll also want to take the amount of natural light in the room into consideration when placing your new fixtures.

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Office Lighting

Many people work from home, and whether you use your home office every day or every week, it’s important to have the right lighting. The overhead lights need to be bright to help you avoid eye strain from looking at a computer screen all day, and you’ll need an appropriate desk lamp for those close-up tasks such as paperwork or bill paying.

You don’t have to feel limited when it comes to what type of lights to add to your home office. You can go with a ceiling fan for ambient lighting and climate control, along with a large floor lamp to place next to your favorite chair. The desk lamp is integral, and when all is said and done, each light should add something to the comfort of the space and how productive you can be when you’re in your home office.

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Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor spaces should be an extension of your indoor spaces, and when it comes to lighting, ambience and safety are the top priorities. When trying to create the perfect atmosphere for your front porch or backyard deck, think about how you want people to feel when they’re spending time there. You want the front of your home to invite people in, and the backyard spaces should feel warm and inviting. By incorporating everything from outdoor ceiling fans to post and pier lights, you can create the ideal outdoor settings.

As for safety, you’ll want lights that make your home more secure, such as motion sensor lights and spotlight. These lights can deter trespassers and help you feel more safe when you come home after sunset. You’ll also want to think about outdoor timers for your lights so that they turn on and off at the same time each night, especially when you’re away on vacation.

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Find New Lights for Every Room

It doesn’t matter which room in your home you want to update — Hacienda can help you find the perfect options. If you’re updating the master bathroom or rethinking your kitchen, we can show you amazing options that fit your budget and suit your tastes. Perhaps you’re building a new home and need lighting for every room. If so, we’d love to help you choose new lights that make your new house everything you want it to be.

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