1. Designing the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

    Scottsdale enjoys warm and beautiful weather nearly year-round, and residents enjoy spending time outside, especially after the sun has gone down and the temperature has cooled off to the mid 60s or 70s. At Hacienda Lighting, we've met with many homeowners that are searching for exterior lighting fo…Read More

  2. Find That Piece of Decor That Anchors the Entire Room

    When you're designing or decorating a room for the first time, it can take some time and thought to decide what the room will look like and more importantly, how it will feel. Many homeowners start with a paint swatch for the walls, and then decorate the room around that color. While this can be e…Read More

  3. Precisely Control Your Home’s Lighting

    In many modern homes, dimmer switches and other lighting controls come standard when the house is built. For older homes, it can be beneficial to update the switches with dimmers and sensors, both to conserve energy and increase bulb life, as well as create a variety of moods in a single room. At Ha…Read More

  4. An Exceptional Selection of Interior Lighting Options

    Updating your home's lighting might seem like a serious challenge, but with the right fixtures and bulbs, it can be a fairly easy process. If you've just moved into a new home, or have ideas for redecorating or remodeling, changing the lighting can dramatically alter the look and feel of a particula…Read More

  5. See Modern Fixtures for Yourself in our Lighting Showroom

    Online shopping has taken over the world of commerce, and thousands upon thousands of people buy things online every single day. At this time of year, around the holidays, even more online shopping is completed, as people easily order and ship their gifts to their destination. However, there is stil…Read More

  6. Do You Have Interior Design Questions?

    Designing the interior of a new home or updating an existing one can be a long and strenuous process. You want to get every detail just right, but you might not be able to settle on just one option. Whether it's lighting, furniture, or artwork, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the amount of choic…Read More

  7. A New Year Can Mean New Home Decor

    If you've just moved into a new home in the Scottsdale area, you want to get settled as soon as possible. While you're unpacking, you may come across some home decor and accessories that you didn't know you still had, and others that perhaps you wish you didn't. With the New Year just a few days awa…Read More