1. Precisely Control Your Home’s Lighting

    In many modern homes, dimmer switches and other lighting controls come standard when the house is built. For older homes, it can be beneficial to update the switches with dimmers and sensors, both to conserve energy and increase bulb life, as well as create a variety of moods in a single room. At Ha…Read More

  2. Make Your Dining Room More Inviting

    The dining room can often be a forgotten part of the house, only used on special occasions and for family gatherings. Most of your meals are most likely eaten at the kitchen island or in your breakfast nook, simply because your busy schedule doesn't allow you to plan or prepare a formal meal. If you…Read More

  3. Improving Your Bathroom Lighting

    When you walk into the bathrooms of many modern homes, you'll often find a large mirror over the sinks and vanity, and a central light fixture mounted above the mirror. While this can work for general lighting purposes, it may not be the best task lighting for shaving, putting on makeup, and getting…Read More

  4. Lighting Your Guest Bedroom

    If you enjoy having company stay with you, then you've probably put a lot of thought into the design and decor of your guest bedroom. Lighting is of course a part of every bedroom's design, and if you're updating a spare bedroom and you've finally finished furnishing and decorating the space, findi…Read More

  5. Track Lighting for Your Gallery

    Setting up an art gallery takes a lot of time and energy, and one of the most important aspects of any gallery is the lighting. At Hacienda in Scottsdale, we've worked with a number of gallery owners and curators, and have been able to recommend the best track lighting options for each one. With the…Read More

  6. An Exceptional Selection of Interior Lighting Options

    Updating your home's lighting might seem like a serious challenge, but with the right fixtures and bulbs, it can be a fairly easy process. If you've just moved into a new home, or have ideas for redecorating or remodeling, changing the lighting can dramatically alter the look and feel of a particula…Read More