1. Planning Your Outdoor Lighting for Spring

    While Scottsdale doesn’t experience the same type of winter that other parts of the country do, residents still look forward to the arrival of spring each year. Even though it’s January, you’re probably excited about having evenings in March and April that are a bit warmer, which means you can…Read More

  2. The Best Backyard Lighting

    The last time we wrote about outdoor lighting, we covered the front porch and provided some tips on choosing the right fixtures. This time we thought we’d review the backyard and talk about how you can set up your exterior lights to maximize the yard’s functionality and appeal. At Hacienda Light…Read More

  3. Creating the Best Front Porch Lighting

    We wrote last time about pendant lighting for your patio, and since that post focused on your home’s backyard, we thought this time we’d focus on the front of the house. The front porch is a unique place, and it’s the first thing people see when they pull up to your house. It can be where you …Read More

  4. Outdoor Pendant Lights for Your Patio

    If you’ve always wanted an outdoor dining area complete with the perfect seating and lighting, then you’ve probably given some thought as to what kind of furniture and fixtures you’ll put in the space. There are so many options when it comes to outdoor lighting and decor that it can be difficu…Read More

  5. Update Your Cafe’s Outdoor Lighting

    Cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating are very popular in Arizona, and the weather is often cooperative enough that eateries can have their patios open all year round. There’s something very satisfactory about enjoying a fine meal outside while the sun sets, and if you own one of these establ…Read More

  6. Updating Your Home’s Exterior? Update Your Lighting Too!

    You’ve made many memories in your home, and you’re proud of the work you’ve done to make your house more comfortable and inviting. Everything from the front porch to the back deck has been designed and created to fit your personality and your preferences. However, if your preferences change or…Read More

  7. Accentuate Your New Steps with New Exterior Lighting

    Many homes have at least a few steps leading up to the front entrance, and these steps can range in style from ornate and elaborate to simple and utilitarian. If you're replacing your old concrete or wooden steps, and updating the style and shape of your exterior stairs at the same, it can be benefi…Read More

  8. Exterior Lighting for Your Wraparound Porch

    While it may have been an architectural idea that began in the South, the wraparound porch is now seen in homes throughout the country, including Arizona. If you have a home with a large porch, or one that wraps around the front and sides of the house, it's important to have the proper exterior ligh…Read More

  9. Outdoor Lights for Your Pool Area

    Even though it's only the beginning of May, Scottsdale is experiencing its normal temperatures that often reach into the mid 90s and low 100s, and one of the best ways to cool off is in your in-ground pool. However, you might not have time to swim during the day, so if you take a dip in the evening…Read More